Carolina Galdamez
Born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina, Currently living in Toronto, Canada. Illustrator student at OCAD, Carolina Galdamez at your service.

Graphic Illustrator - For any kind of requests please don't hesitate to email me at
Finished my final self-portrait after an intense semester at OCADU. This drawing and painting class was definatly a challenge but I learned a lot about painting and myself. Thanks to my parents for the support, and my classmates, specially A. Junes a.k.a ArtAwack and Amir, you guys had the patience to explain to me what I was doing wrong until I got it. Thanks!!

P.S: Since Tumblr is full of haters, I will have to let you guys know this self-portrait is not the best I’ve done, but its the best I could do after the horrible week I been trhu, so I dun wanna hear how bad it is/ i dont even care.

  1. art-is-my-method-of-escape said: I like it, I’m a oil painter myself, I still haven’t done a self portrait tho
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